The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia strongly condemns the killing of Qassem Soleimani, Iran's top General of the armed forces by the United States.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia denounces the new aggressive and violent actions by the Trump administration, which is in flagrant violation of International law.

After decades of imperialist aggressions that sowed death and destruction in the Middle East, the warmongering and aggressive policy of the US threatens to lead the planet towards a new war of large proportions.

Unfortunately, the imperialistic aggressiveness is not unknown to the people of our homeland. We repeat that the destructive character of imperialism is not more obvious anywhere in Europe like it in the region of Balkans, especially among territories of ex-Yugoslavia.

Irrespective of any justification whatsoever that might be put forward, if any war or military conflict between Iran and the US takes place, it will be a disaster for the people of Iran.

Iran is already suffering from crippling economic, banking and monetary sanctions that have devasted its economy. Any war on Iran will inevitably strengthen the grip of the theocratic regime and thus weaken the people’s struggle for human and democratic rights and social justice.

The Middle East can and should become a zone of peace and détente, not one of war and destruction. This can only happen if the aggressive policies and actions of US-led world Imperialism and all reactionary war-mongering forces in the region are halted.

The International Relations Section of the CC of the NKPJ


January 10, 2020.