The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and the Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia (SRP) consider the “Summit of Economic Leaders of the Region”, recently held in Belgrade, to be a gathering of tycoons and bourgeois managers from various regions of the former Yugoslav federation – in particular Serbia and Croatia – with the goal of concocting new strategies for the acquisition of profits, garnered through the exploitation of the people from these regions.

The SRP and NKPJ declare to the working people that a better life and the securing of their families’ livelihoods can only be won through opposing the pillaging, exploitation and bourgeois politics that serve these tycoons of former Yugoslavia as well as multinational big capital. The only way to break the yoke of exploitation, robbery and injustice is to foster solidarity between the peoples of former Yugoslavia. The working people of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia cannot allow tycoons and bourgeois governments to divide and incite them against each other. It is not local capitalists and bourgeois politicians that the workers of each of the new countries that once were Yugoslavia have as friends, but other working people like them from other former Yugoslav republics, as we all share the same existential dread and struggle.

Only by expressing mutual solidarity and concrete support, as well as by unifying their social struggles, will the people of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia conquer a better life and existence.

The NKPJ and SRP support every righteous social struggle wrought by the working people of former Yugoslavia against exploitation and robbery by both domestic and foreign capital.

NKPJ, Belgrade, December 9,2019

SRP, Zagreb, December 9, 2019