At the end of each year, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia is preparing calendars for the upcoming year. We would like to inform members, sympathizers and friends of the party that the calendars for 2017 are printed!

Calendars for 2017 are thematically dedicated to the jubilee of the October revolution centenary.

Dimensions of wall calendars are 33x48 cm / 13x19 inch. They represent the chronology of events from 1917. In addition to archival photo illustrations, there is a text in English that explains closer events of the revolutionary 1917.

All of our promotional materials are non-commercial, and therefore calendars. To compensate for the funds invested for the print, a donation of 10 euros is proposed (that does not include shipping fees).

Calendars can be ordered via e-mail address: int_nkpj@yahoo.com or by phone: + 38 61 676 95 77.

Secretariat of NKPJ,

20. 12. 2016.