Letter of condolences to the President of Cuba, comrade Raul Castro, the CC of the CP of Cuba and to the entire Cuban people.

To comrade Raul Castro

To the CC of CP of Cuba

To the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Belgrade

The CC of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, with great sadness, bids farewell to the legendary

figure of the international communist movement, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro.

We express our most sincere condolences to the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, the CC of the CP of Cuba and to the entire Cuban people.

The passing of Fidel Castro marks the departure of the brightest star of Latin America. He leaves behind a conspicuous trace that points to one of the paths to true human happiness. His life was filled with struggle against capitalist exploitation, racial and ethnic hatred, and social inequality. Fidel Castro’s name has turned into a symbol of the Cuban people’s struggle against imperialism, a symbol of the construction of socialism in Cuba, and a symbol of change and resistance to foreign domination throughout Latin America.

With Fidel Castro’s death, mankind has lost a relentless fighter for freedom and justice. Fidel devoted his entire life to the triumph of freedom and human dignity. He won all the battles in which he fought. He lost only the final one, against death.

Fidel was undoubtedly a great historical personality in the most noble and lofty sense of that word. He was a man who understood all human needs. Fidel Castro’s personality and legacy is beyond doubt a bright page in mankind’s history and a signpost illuminating the horizon to future generations. He was not merely a great warrior, revolutionary and thinker, but also the Promethean Rock of our age. In the name of all the nations of the world, he has laid down principles which will serve as mankind’s enduring inspiration.

Just as Commander Fidel Castro said, “we shall fight and win side by side with all who fight, who never give up when facing difficulties, all who believe in man’s creative ability to disseminate and nurture values and ideas, with all who bet on mankind; with all, finally, who share the marvelous conviction that a better world is possible!”

Commander Fidel remains eternally in the hearts of all who are struggling for justice and freedom because of his heroic accomplishments and superhuman efforts in the defense of his country’s freedom and sovereignty and for the dignity of man.

Dear comrade Fidel, you will remain forever an integral part of every victory achieved in the name of human progress.


General Secretary,

Batrić Mijović

Secretary for International Relations

Marijan Kubik

The Executive Secretary,

Aleksandar Banjanac

First Secretary of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia - SKOJ,

Aleksandar Đenić