New Communist Party of Yugoslavia convey a birthday greeting to comrade Fidel Castro on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

To comrade Fidel Castro

To the CC of CP of Cuba

To the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Belgrade

Dear Comrade Fidel,

dear comrades, proud and disobedient peoples of Cuba,

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ), on this day, convey warmest congratulations on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Commandante Fidel!

The life and struggle of Fidel Castro are eternal inspiration of just, freedom-loving, progressive and patriotic people of the world. A life full of challenges and numerous difficulties, countless assassination attempts, pressures and crisis, dedicated to the fight and then when the final outcome was uncertain, and again and again not giving up this fight and its righteous goals, are the qualities of the giant courage of communist, a man who do not cease to be the brightest symbol of humanity.

The Cuban socialist revolution under Fidel's leadership has transformed the society from its colonial backwardness into a society that is leading in many areas. That a better world is possible, that is feasible to reach a brighter future in just one generation, proved the victory of the socialist revolution in Cuba, which has undoubtedly demonstrated the advantages of socialism over capitalism when it comes to the interests of the wide majority of people. Despite the blockade and sanctions, despite sadistic torture of US imperialism, these values and achievements continue to flourish and in the new century, during the modern challenges that stands in front of the Cuba and the world.

Fidel belongs to the whole world, as a symbol, but also as a leader not only of the Cuban Revolution, but of the many struggles and revolutions of the oppressed peoples of the world, a people who are fighting for freedom, independence and prosperity, and also of the people who defend the results of the achieved progress. The solidarity that socialist Cuba sent and sends to the whole world calls for additional admiring of its leader - Fidel Castro.

People of Serbia and Yugoslavia considers Fidel as a true friend and comrade. Cuba’s and Fidel’s solidarity and support, we remember especially from the time of the crisis during the NATO aggression against our country, so they are the reason why today, once again, we thank you from all our hearts.

Therefore, we convey you warmest congratulations on the occasion of the giant Jubilee, by our Party and our people!



General Secretary,

Batrić Mijović

Secretary for International Relations,

Marijan Kubik

The Executive Secretary,

Aleksandar Banjanac

First Secretary of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia - SKOJ,

Aleksandar Đenić


August 13, 2016.