Dear Comrades,

In the name of The New Communist Party Of Yugoslavia we congratulate you the New year 2015., with the wish that it is going to be revolutionary and pervaded with fighting spirit.

We wish you success at the upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece. Each your victory represents a fighting and revolutionary exclamation to us and a call to still stronger resistance to barbaric capitalism and the victory of socialism/communism. Your struggle is a great inspiration to the working class and the working people of the Balkans and we believe that you will stay true to that struggle and achieve still greater successes. The NKPJ is aware that the destiny of capitalism can not be resolved only by parliamentary debates and that the changes can only be brought about by organized and deliberate struggle. But we also believe that your voice in the national parliament can contribute to the creation of the powerful front of the people aiming to overthrow the system of the exploitation of a man over another man.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia expresses its solidarity with the CP of Greece which is struggling with consistency against the EU monopoly, exploitation, fascism and capitalist barbarism.

On behalf of New Communist Party of Yugoslavia we wish you every success, plenty of strength and full determination for further struggles.

Dear comrades, we hold your hand tightly and wish you new successes! Bravely and with the revolutionary spirit towards the ultimate victory!

With communist regards,

The International Relations Section of the CC of the NKPJ