Throughout the last month, activists of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and the The League of Communist Yugoslav Youth (SKOJ) are becoming more and more often targets of neo-fascist organizations, which have increasingly stepped up their verbal threats towards direct physical attacks.

During only the last ten days, several activists of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and the The League of Communist Yugoslav Youth (SKOJ) have become targets of physical attacks in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

In the last attack, the target was Aleksandar Đenić, First Secretary of the The League of Communist Yugoslav Youth (SKOJ) and member of the Secretariat of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ). After being forced to defend himself from two members of the clerical, neo-fascist organization “Serb Action” (Srbska akcija), he was arrested by police. This is not first physical attack of this kind on comrade Aleksandar Djenic, who has been targeted several times by neo-fascist organizations because of his ideological views and the important role he has in student protests in Belgrade, directed against the Bologna educational system.

During the attack on comrade Aleksandar Djenic and his physical self-defence, police showed up incredibly fast on the scene – and arrested Aleksandar Djenic! In a police station he was interrogated by an inspector and charged for a criminal offense. Then he was let go.

NKPJ and SKOJ demanded that competent judiciary organs dismiss the charges against comrade Aleksandar Djenic as baseless – since he obviously acted in self-defence while being attacked because of his political orientation and the important role he has as activist of the current student movement. We inform you that on Wednesday 29 October 2014 in Belgrade scheduled court hearing of comrade Aleksandar Djenic. NKPJ and SKOJ ask communist and workers parties to support comrade Đenić and organize rallies in front of the Embassy of Serbia in their countries. Please send us photos from these protests that we could publish them in the campaign to liberate our comrade. NKPJ and SKOJ ask our sister organizations to send us a letter of solidarity with comrade Djenic.

Also, we ask you to send a letter to the Government of Serbia in which you are demand that charges against comrade Đenić be rejected.

E -mail address of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic where you can send protest letters is:

Also we want to inform you that, on Saturday, the 11th of October, fascist gangsters physically attacked students, gathered at the Faculty of Philosophy, and especially a SKOJ member, which, fortunately, remained unharmed. At the same time, a SKOJ activist was attacked in Novi Sad.

These are not the only aggressive attacks of clerical ultra right-wingers on NKPJ and SKOJ members.

During demonstrations in support of working people, protesting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, those bandits ambushed and physically attacked two SKOJ members, while outnumbering them. Soon afterwards, “Serb Action” members broke a window and wrote graffiti on the NKPJ headquarters in Belgrade. Then they admitted on their website their participation in the attack on a legally registered rally of the NKPJ in Belgrade against the anti-communist museum exhibition “In the name of the People”. In spite of police having investigated the attack on the SKOJ headquarters and in spite of their presence during attack on protesters at Marx and Engels Square (now Nikola Pasic Square), so far nobody has been arrested because of these attacks.

It is clear that these are not isolated acts but a clearly orchestrated campaign, with the goal of intimidating and threatening the lives of NKPJ and SKOJ activists.

What is worrying, immoral and hypocritical is that members of neo-fascist organizations are treated by authorities as victims.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia calls upon the whole of the progressive public to stand in solidarity with comrade Aleksandar Djenic.