Intervention of a comrade Aleksandar Banjanac, a member of the Central Committee

Dear comrades,

I sincerely salute you all on behalf of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia.

I would like to express my gratitude to SACP for organizing the 12th Meeting of Communists and Workers Parties.

A comprehensive crisis that took over capitalist world shows that the last exploitative socio-political formation easily, but inevitably, is going to the tomb of the past, because it is not capable any more to resolve any single problem of our civilization. Of course, its dying will be a long lasting process, followed by many crashes, percussions and conflicts. The wounded beast is the most dangerous one. In our time antagonism between labor and capital is highlighting its peak, and because of that, capitalists are returning to their proven methods of surviving. They are trying to save their financial, commercial, industrial and agricultural capital, moving burden of crisis on the developing countries and the poorest layers of the society.

It is impossible to improve capitalism, to humanize it, or to cure it. But still, it feverishly searches a way to extend its life. For example, the USA decided to print more Dollars and that currency doesn’t have equivalent gold worth, which causes a big inflation. Foundations of Dollar, Euro, Pound and Japanese Yen are strongly shaken nowadays. Rough revision of all social achievements that the working class achieved in past class struggle is going on. They are extending age limits for pension, or reducing wages of salaries and pensions. Step by step they are abolishing free education and free health care where it existed.

A global economic crisis created new armies of unemployed. Only in Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, India and Australia over 300 millions of people lost their jobs. If we count here also those who work 2-3 hours per day, or those who work 2-3days per week, the number of unemployed workers caused by crisis is reaching 500 millions. But that is not all. According to the UN’s data, number of the jobless people on our planet is almost around 3 billions.

As it is well known, the financial crisis put on knee Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and many other countries. It’s reflecting especially difficultly on situation on Balkans and Eastern Europe. It shook very seriously the economics of United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and other developed countries. Because of that, it is quite understandable that during this year, almost continuously, in many countries millions of workers, peasants and youth were on strikes. They are demanding abolishing of capitalist exploitation. Of course, many of these protests are still not lead in the way of a genuine class struggle, or more precisely in the way of a socialist revolution. The communists must take more active and energetic participation in this process-that is the necessity and one of the most important paths we will have to walk through.

The capitalists are trying to overcome crisis with well known methods – further militarization of the economics, provoking local and regional wars, coups, pressings, conspiracies, espionages, blackmails and so on. Truthfully their politics is the play on the edge of a world war, but they are afraid that they can incinerate in this war with the other nuclear powers in the world. The nature of capitalism and its exploitative character are inseparable of conquest of foreign territories, robberies, frets, and unmerciful exhausting of profits.

At the recent NATO summit in Lisbon it has been decided to continue with that aggressive politics and to make it as much as possible effective and rational, with utilizing enormous propaganda demagogy and with collaboration of agencies all over the world. For the purpose of mucus there are over 500 American military bases, and hundreds of British and French in many different countries of the world. Exactly after the summit the US launched the biggest spy satellite until now, and they provoked armed attack on the territory of North Korea. They gave up the attack when they and their vassal government in South Korea got punch in the jaw.

Imperialists are using military and all other ways in order to rule the world and keep their present positions. The only one who can tame, restrain them and finally overthrow them it is the unity of the working class of the world. The history shows that the true anti-imperialist front can be composed only if the decisive role in it has communists of Marxist-Leninist orientation. All the anti-imperialist people’s fronts would collapse if they were not dominated by communists. That was the situation in Weimar Germany, in Spain, in France and the other countries. The people’s fronts in Great October socialist revolution, in Yugoslavia, in China, in Vietnam, Cuba and the other states, triumphed because they were lead by the communists.

There is no doubt that beside struggle against imperialism it is necessary to fight irreconcilable struggle against reformism, as outgrowth of social democracy, because reformists are usually more important and useful to the bourgeoisie then far right. Besides that, they are trying to dissolve the so called “left” in order to disarm authenticable communist parties.

We consider that it is about time to institutionalize in really possible frames, on the basis of proletarian internationalism, the unity of the communists of the world, using enormous experiences of the Third International, taking into account the current realities in the world.

Dear comrades, the socialism is a legitimate step in development of the mankind and because of that we can say with certainty that the XXI century will be the century of triumph of the socialism and the communism!