Message on the occasion on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the victory in the Cuban revolution

Today the Cuban people, united close around the Communist Party of Cuba led by you, are vigorously advancing along the road of socialism, bravely foiling the hostile forces' continued challenges despite manifold difficulties and hardships.

We highly estimate the successes achieved by the Cuban people in their struggle to frustrate the economic blockade by the U.S. imperialists and step up socialist construction, the message said, adding that the Serbian people will as ever extend invariable support and solidarity for the Cuban people's just cause.

The Serbian people highly appreciate the shining victories won by the Cuban people in the struggle to defend the country's sovereignty and gains of the revolution and will as ever extend invariable support and solidarity with them in their just cause.

We expressed belief that the traditional friendly and cooperative relations between the two parties would steadily grow stronger in their joint struggle for socialism against imperialism.

We also wished Raul Castro Ruz bigger success in his responsible work.

Secretariat of NKPJ


07. 01. 2013