Stop of the Israeli Crimes Against the Palestinian People

NKPJ strongly condemn the renewed military attacks on Gaza. This brutal crime is being implemented with the complicity of Washington.

The criminal attacks by Israel on Palestinian and Syrian territory are integrated in a strategy of imperialist war and aggression in the Middle East that after Iraq, Lebanon, the Gaza Strait (in 2008/2009) and Libya now aims Syria. This dangerous escalation of aggression and provocation can, if not immediately stopped, lead to a military conflict in the region of great proportions and dramatic consequences in the regional and international sphere.

Faced with such grave dangers, NKPJ appeals for the intensification of the struggle for peace and against aggression and interference against sovereign countries.

Israel is a country that for more than 40 years, contrary to the resolutions of UN, and with open or tacit approval of EU and US politicians, has been occupying territories of Palestine - the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. Also, in these occupied areas Israel hardly violates an international law including the 4th Geneva Convention, which is intended for the protection of civilians. The Palestinian people are facing daily with the various forms of collective punishment, killing of people, intentional and unnecessary destruction of property, kidnapping and violence against civilians, and daily oppression and destruction of all sectors of Palestinian society by Israel.

The Palestinian people are urgently requiring end of occupation and colonization of Arab countries; to recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; to respect, protect and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes as required by UN Resolution 194. of all UN member states.

Secretariat of NKPJ,


21. 11. 2012