Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un:

Upon the 100th anniversary of the KIM IL SUNG birthday, I, on behalf of the Central Committee of SKOJ and in my own name, extend my warm congratulations to the Workers Party of Korea, Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League and all Korean peoples.

President Kim Il Sung was a great thinker who indicated the road ahead of humankind with an outstanding idea and a seasoned politician in the 20th century who realized the centuries-old desire of the Korean people to live in a new world free from exploitation and oppression.

The DPR of Korea was forged by late Chairman Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the DPRK people, and has a glorious revolutionary tradition. Over a long period, the WPK has led the DPRK people in overcoming difficulties and risks and arduously struggling to continuously make eye-catching achievements in its socialist revolution and construction cause.

For many years, the WPK under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il has followed the will of Chairman Kim Il Sung, and led the DPRK people in positively seeking a development path suitable for the DPRK's own situation and has made delightful achievements in the DPRK-style socialist construction cause.

We sincerely wish the DPRK people, under the leadership of the WPK headed by Kim Jong Un, continuously make new and bigger achievements in the historical process of building a strong and prosperous country.

We place on record our support for the demand that the old armistice regime, a product of the Cold War, be replaced by a peace treaty as a first step towards creating a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula . We demand that all US troops be removed from the Korean Peninsula forthwith, and that all attempts to destabilise the DPRK be ended immediately.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the Korean people under your great leadership, and express our common conviction that humanity will achieve a better world where the people are the masters of their own destiny.

Comrade Kim Jong Un we wish you success in your state activities and happiness and good health as well as the people of the DPRK wellbeing and prosperity.


Batric Mijovic,

General secretary


09. 04. 2012