A three-day conference held in Belgrade in late July and early August is an event of great international importance.

The central theme of a three-day conference of the European Communist Youth Organizations was holding of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students, which is held every four years, organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth - WFDY, which is a successor of the Communist International Youth and gathers over a hundred communist and progressive organizations from around the world. The aim is to coordinate and synchronize the work of all the European communist youth in organizing an important event this year, which will take place in South Africa. This year's festival will be held from 13th to 21st December, in the country of the rich history of struggle against apartheid, the cradle of prominent revolutionary fighter Nelson Mandela. The meeting gets a special significance since it marks the anniversary of independence of several African countries: Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau, and their independence dates will be marked at the festival, in which the tribute will be paid to Cuba and the generous assistance it has given in the spirit of international Solidarity in the fight for the liberation of the African continent. This will be the first time that South Africa is organizing a great youth political gathering that will bring together progressive and anti-imperialist youth of the world ready to express its belief in the continuing the struggle against imperialism. At the moment, young South Africans are struggling for free education, for the nationalization of natural resources and for improvement of living conditions of the entire poor population which is mainly black.

The festival will be held under the slogan "For the world of peace, solidarity and social change, let’s defeat imperialism!"

More than 30 delegates from 25 organizations from all over Europe attended a three-day conference in Belgrade.

During the three-day meeting the young communists discussed the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students in the organization SKOJ and NKPJ, and laid wreaths on the monument in memory of workers killed in Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) during the NATO aggression as well as on the Cemetery of liberators of Belgrade.

Youth has always been a vital force of development of any society. With its natural creativity, willingness to change and power, the demands of youth for freedom, peace, education, jobs, democratic rights and social change, have always played an important role in the fight for a fairer world. While imperialism is trying to rule the world, in the midst of a profound structural crisis of the capitalist system, responsible for the worsening situation of youth and the growing number of young unemployed, benefits of the exploitative groups are increased which in opposition creates a growing number of people who resist, without the fear of punishment, blockade or imperialist occupation. During the moments in which there is increase in the number of military bases and in the competition to win the market and natural resources, with the the excessive increase in military budgets, the Earth has turned into a very dangerous place to live. Imperialism is every day more aggressive toward the progressive, democratic and communist organizations, which requires enhanced efforts by the youth in the struggle for peace. Frequent provocations against the progressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, persecution of student and youth movements in Colombia and the countries of Eastern Europe, equating Communism with Nazism, attacks on UJSARIO of the Western Sahara, crimes against the youth and people of Palestine committed by Zionism with the support of imperialism, the continuation of the occupation Cyprus and Kosovo, the aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan, the imperialist pressure on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and oppression of indigenous people are the key elements for understanding the strategy of imperial domination.

World Festival of Youth and students is organized to motivate and encourage millions of young people who are fighting for a peaceful future without imperialism. For a world of peace, solidarity and social change, let’s defeat imperialism! With the power of the people against the power of the capital!


Marijan Kubik

Responsible for International relations